September 16, 2016


Parenting with a Cancer Diagnosis in the Family

Patient Voices: Childhood Cancer
By Karen Barrow / The New York Times

Survivors of Childhood Cancer More Likely to Experience Financial Burden
September 5, 2017
By Brielle Urciuoli / Cure Today
A recent study looked at the financial effects that many survivors of childhood cancer face.

For Kids With Cancer, Focusing on Quality of Life
July 27, 2017
By Susan Gubar / The New York Times

Growing a Baby After a Tumor
July 20, 2017
By Elly Lonon / The New York Times

How to Build Resilient Kids, Even After a Loss
April 24, 2017
By Sheryl Sandberg / The New York Times
After my husband’s death, I set out to learn everything I could about how kids persevere through adversity.

Stop Telling Me to Be Happy Because I Beat Cancer
September 26, 2016
By Katherine Malmo / Good Housekeeping
I wonder when — or even if — it will be okay for me to complain like everyone else.

My daughter is struggling with chemo effects. I am struggling with guilt.
September 15, 2016
By Lori Resnick-Fleishman / Washington Post

How to talk to your kids about cancer
June 14, 2016
By Karen Gordon /
Telling your child that you or another family member has cancer may be one of the most difficult conversations you will have, but there are strategies to make it easier