October 7, 2016

Writing Contest FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have cancer to enter the writing contest?
Absolutely not! In fact, most essays we receive are from students who write about the experience they have had with a loved one's diagnosis, whether that is a family member, friend, or teacher. Write about your experience with cancer, regardless of the connection. What you write about is up to you.

How is this contest different from a scholarship?
While many contest winners apply the contest prize toward their education goals, Cancer Pathways does not dictate how the cash prize is used. We encourage all eligible students to enter regardless of grade level or future plans.

Should I use my college or scholarship application essays for this contest?
While the writers' life experiences may apply to both an application essay and this contest, winning essays will address the specific themes of this contest.

I submitted my essay but nothing happened. What should I do?
You should receive an email once your essay has been successfully submitted. Contact Liz Lange at liz@cancerpathways.org with any questions.

How are the contests judged?
All submissions are read by Cancer Pathways staff and members of the foundations that support the contest. A group of finalist essays are then sent to an esteemed panel of judges. For the high school contest, judges come from throughout the state and represent a diverse set of professions, including writers, politicians, athletes, entertainers, and business leaders. The judging panel for the middle school contest is comprised of individuals professionally familiar with the writing abilities and emotional development of adolescents, including teachers, pediatricians, YA authors, and counselors.

How will I be notified if I win?
Contest winners will be notified by phone no later than April 25, 2017. Entrants who do not win a prize will be notified via email.

Will I still receive my prize if I am unable to attend the awards reception?
We encourage all contest winners to attend the awards reception at our Seattle Clubhouse, as this is a very special event for the winners to be recognized for their achievement. However, we do understand that distance or prior commitments may make it unfeasible to attend. In those cases, we will mail the winner their prize and certificate.