Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cancer Pathways?
At Cancer Pathways, formerly known as Gilda’s Club Seattle, we believe that no one should face cancer alone. For over 18 years, we have been providing unique cancer support programs and services to children, teens, adults, and their families and friends impacted by cancer. Whether it is at schools, workplaces or in diverse community settings, our programs are designed to meet people where they are at in their experience with cancer.

Who can participate in your programs?
Anybody who has been touched by cancer can participate – men, women, teens and children with all types of cancer, as well as their families, partners and friends. You do not have to have cancer to participate.

What programs do you offer?
We offer a variety of programs including; support groups, educational programs for teens, workplace navigation, summer camp for kids, lecture and round table series, and classes that support healthy living.

How can I take advantage of your free programs?
Call us at 206-709-1400, if you are interested in joining our cancer support community.

Can’t I just drop in to attend a support group to see if I like it?
Our support groups are not drop in, so we ask that you complete our Information Form to register for a group. For information about our other programs, please call 206-709-1400 or email info@cancerpathways.org.

Where are you located?
We are located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, near many of the major Seattle hospitals and medical centers. Our address is 1400 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122 (MAP). Parking is available through street parking and several nearby public parking lots, all with differing fees. Cancer Pathways has one disabled parking spot available nearest to the ramp by our back door. There are also two spaces in the Diamond Lot next door, closest to our front porch, but you must pay the applicable parking lot fees. There are also two disabled spaces in the Diamond Lot.

Do all of your groups and activities take place in Seattle?
No. We also have support groups offered in Bellevue, WA and many of our educational programs including Cancer Happens® and Cancer Unwrapped® are offered nationwide.

Do you have programs for children?
Yes, we have a Family Cancer Support Program that includes support groups for parents and kids, summer day-camp for kids touched by cancer, a writing contest for middle and high school students, and our Family Social Worker is available to provide brief emotional counseling and resource referral for families.

Did you previously go by a different name?
Yes, we are no longer able to use our old name, Gilda’s Club Seattle. However, our Executive Director, Board of Directors, staff and volunteers have remained the same. We will continue to offer our free programs for anyone in our community who has been touched by cancer — only our name has changed. Click here to read more about our name change.

What happens to the money I donate?
All donations to Cancer Pathways support local programming. We do not have a national organization that we send money to or that dictates what programs we offer. Currently, our local community includes the Puget Sound region, with some programming (Cancer Happens®, Cancer Unwrapped® Teen Writing Contest) expanding into other parts of the country. We have plans to expand further both inside and outside of Washington State.