December 30, 2015

What We Do


What we do at Cancer Pathways

What We Do

Welcome to Cancer Pathways. We are so glad that you have chosen to see how our unique programs of cancer support work for the thousands of people who participate in our activities to learn how to live with cancer. If you or a family member or friend has cancer, we can help you discover the pathways of support you want and need. At our main facility in Seattle, and in off-site locations, we build that support together – at no cost. Men, women, children, families, and friends – all of you are welcome.

Our programs include:

Adult Support Groups – Adults support groups meet regularly in Seattle and on the Eastside.  Groups focus on individuals living with cancer, caregiving for a loved one with cancer, and experiencing bereavement due to the loss of a loved one to cancer.

Camp Sparkle – Camp Sparkle is a free week-long summer day camp offered to children ages 6-12 who have been impacted by cancer. Camp Sparkle is offered in Seattle, Tacoma, Everett and Bellevue.

Cancer Happens® Teen EducationCancer Happens® is a cancer education and risk reduction program offered, free of charge, to middle and high school classrooms nationwide.  The goal of Cancer Happens® is to raise awareness about cancer risk reduction with the outcome of empowering teens to live healthy lifestyles that could potentially reduce their future cancer risk.

Cancer Unwrapped® Teen Writing ContestCancer Unwrapped® invites teens to submit essays about their experiences with cancer for the opportunity to win cash prizes.  Essays can be about the student’s own diagnosis or that of a loved one.

Cancer Illuminated: Transforming Communication in the Workplace– Formerly known as the When Cancer Comes to Work, this program equips professionals to best communicate and support employees affected by cancer.

Family Support Program – The Cancer Pathways Family Support Program provides emotional and social support to families dealing with cancer. The program consists of a Children’s Art therapy group, for children ages 6-12 who are currently impacted by cancer, and a Parent Networking group, for parents with a child under 18 and dealing with cancer in the family.

Lectures and Seminars – Cancer Pathways offers cancer-related educational lectures, at no cost to participants, around the Puget Sound. Our goal is to provide information that empowers people to make informed decisions that directly affect the quality of their lives. 


All programs at Cancer Pathways are free of charge to participants.  If you would like to participate in any programming or want more information, please give us a call at 206-709-1400.


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