A Family Meal

As usual, we sit around the table and focus on our screens. My mom fidgets nervously, searching for a topic to break the silence. My dad’s glasses reflect glare from his computer, obscuring his eyes, but it doesn’t matter- I wouldn’t look at them anyway. A time of communion, soured by avoidance and discomfort, and Read more about A Family Meal[…]

It Isn’t a Battle That Can Be Lost

I have a grievance with the way society treats cancer. I have a grievance with the way cancer treats society. I have many grievances, but I have more hope than grievances. I do not remember the day – rather, days – my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, nor do I remember exactly the types of Read more about It Isn’t a Battle That Can Be Lost[…]

Cancer Still Wrapped

I sat down beside my eldest brother in the living room, my middle brother would not be home from college for another week. The Christmas tree was lit up vibrantly and the faint crackle of the fireplace was in the background. Then I saw my mom’s face, and I knew that something wasn’t quite right. Read more about Cancer Still Wrapped[…]