Advocacy and Awareness

Project C.H.A.M.P 

Project CHAMP (Cultivating HPV Awareness and Mobilizing for Prevention) is our initiative created to assess and understand knowledge and awareness about human papillomavirus (HPV) and the HPV vaccine in teens and adults living in rural communities in Washington State.

To measure level of awareness, we will be implementing a pre- and post-survey and survey respondents will receive a $15 Amazon gift card in exchange for their participation.

To improve awareness about the HPV vaccine as cancer prevention, we will partner with local schools, community organizations, and hospital facilities. Within schools, our goal is to utilize the expertise of local Teen Ambassadors and have them design and lead an educational campaign in their school.

Teen Ambassadors will be trained by Cancer Pathways staff and will have full support throughout their project. They will receive an incentive for their participation and, bonus (!), it looks great on a resume! If you are a teen living in a rural area and are interested in this leadership opportunity, please click on the link above to apply.

If you have any questions about this project or would like to get involved, please reach out to Lauren Bineau (

Cancer Awareness Events

Cervical Cancer and HPV

Every January since 2017, Cancer Pathways and its partners have organized in-person and virtual events to convene state representatives, cancer survivors, medical professionals and community members to raise awareness about cervical cancer. In 2020, Cancer Pathways was recognized as an HPV Champion for our HPV program expansion in the Southern United States. Learn more and view a recording of our 2021 and 2022 Cervical Cancer Awareness Days.

Starting March 2021, Cancer Pathways and its Georgia partners hosted an HPV Awareness Day event to bring together medical professionals, survivors, legislators, and community members to discuss HPV-associated cancers and the HPV vaccination as cancer prevention. We invite you to view a recording of Georgia’s 1st annual HPV Awareness Day event in 2021.

Lung Cancer

In December 2021, we co-hosted a Learn with LUNGevity and Cancer Pathways virtual event to share the latest in lung cancer research and tips for continuing to navigate the COVID-19 pandmic  as a cancer patient or survivor. Lung cancer suvivors and advocates shared their powerful stories and we talked about the resources Cancer Pathways provides to the community. View a recording of the event.

Prostate Cancer

To shed light on men’s health and prostate cancer, we organized a Roundtable Brunch & Learn in 2018 with featured speakers including a urology physician, a Men’s Health podcast producer, and a WA state representative who is also a cancer survivor. This event brought together individuals from a wide range of sectors to discuss a variety of topics. Topics included policy issues surrounding cancer prevention, normalizing conversations about prostate cancer, and cultural barriers to seeking screening and treatment for prostate cancer. View a summary report of the event here.

Tobacco and Vaping Prevention

We advocate for increased funding for tobacco and vaping prevention education for young people. Cancer Pathways’ Executive Director, Anna Gottlieb, testified on HB 1550, a bill focused on preventing youth nicotine addiction. In support of these efforts, our Cancer Happens program provides e-cigarette and tobacco prevention education to middle and high school students.

Contact Information

Lauren Bineau, Program Manager