Community Collaborations

Several times per year, we host a blood donation campaign to encourage more people to donate blood. Blood donations are critical for cancer patients who are going through treatment, surgery, getting a blood transfusion and for many other reasons. Don’t wait, schedule your blood donation today! Visit for more information.

Mesothelioma Awareness Day is held each year on September 26th and is dedicated to raising awareness for this rare form of cancer, sharing suvivor stories, and supporting patients and caregivers. Raising awareness is important because many people don’t know they could be at risk, with the biggest risk factor being exposure to asbestos. This exposure typically happens in higher-risk occupations, like aircraft mechanics and construction workers. Learn more about how you can support someone living with mesothelioma.

In Georgia, we host our Healthy Series for the Girl Scouts of Atlanta…

Contact Information

Lauren Bineau, Program Manager