Our Work in the South

In 2017, we expanded our program implementation to the southern United States, specifically Georgia and South Carolina. We work closely with the Georgia state and local agencies to organize cancer awareness events, host cancer education workshops for teens, and facilitate capacity building for increasing HPV vaccination efforts.

Cervical Cancer Awareness Day

Every January since 2017, Cancer Pathways and its partners have organized in-person and virtual events to convene state representatives, cancer survivors, medical professionals and community members to raise awareness about cervical cancer.

In early January 2022, Senate Resolution 396 was passed in the Georgia Senate in support of our work and to formally recognize January as Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. 

We invite you to learn more about our 2021 and 2022 Cervical Cancer Awareness Day events. 

HPV Awareness Day

Starting March 2021, Cancer Pathways and its Georgia partners have hosted an HPV Awareness Day event to bring together medical professionals, survivors, legislators, and community members to discuss HPV-associated cancers and the HPV vaccination as cancer prevention. We are part of the Georgia Cancer Control Consortium’s HPV workgroup and in 2020, we were recognized as an HPV Champion for our work in the Southern United States. We invite you to view a recording of Georgia’s 1st annual HPV Awareness Day event in 2021.

Two Georgia House Resolutions, in support of our work, were adopted in mid-March 2022: HR 988 and HR 1019. House Resolution 988 formally recognizes March 24, 2022 as HPV Awareness Day and summarizes the body of work we engage in. House Resolution 1019 recognizes this same day as HPV Cancer Awareness Day to bring additional attention to the connection between human papillomavirus (HPV) and cancer.

Girl Scouts ‘Healthy Series’ Summit

We host an annual wellness summit for local Girl Scout troops that gives girls an opportunity to ask any and all questions related to their health. We focus on ways to cultivate a healthy body, healthy skin, healthy lungs, and a healthy mind. To foster conversation and drive discussion, we watch documentaries focused on specific topics and create a safe space where girls can talk openly about areas that affect their wellness.

Healthy Athens Day

The first annual Healthy Athens Day was hosted at Clarke Central High School in Athens, Georgia on Saturday, May 14th from 11am-3pm. The event featured local agencies and organizations, including Cancer Pathways, promoting health and fitness through information, services, and food trucks.

Cancer Pathways provided educational materials on cancer support and prevention, as well as HPV vaccine status checks for all eligible youth. We also provided referral information for where individuals can access the vaccine in their community. We completed nearly 30 HPV vaccine checks for youth at Healthy Athens Day.

Contact Information

Jana Mastrogiovanni, Program Manager