When Cancer Comes to Work


Each year, approximately 1.66 million people hear the words, "you have cancer". Of those diagnosed, 44% will be of working age. After treatment, 80% of survivors return to work. These statistics illustrate that cancer in the workplace is a critical business issue.

A myriad of complex issues – legal, financial, insurance and communications – arise when an employee faces a cancer diagnosis either personally or as the caregiver for a loved one.  Employers need answers. Employees need answers. Cancer Pathways has been helping companies address these issues for over 10 years.

"Thank you for organizing; it was a very informative session. I like the fact that you included the legal aspect from the employee and employer points of view, and the emotional component.”

These words reflect the positive response to Cancer Pathways’ corporate program, When Cancer Comes to Work.   The half-day seminar addresses the myriad of issues that arise when an employee faces a cancer diagnosis.  Legal issues are explored from the perspective of both the employer and the employee by local attorneys.  Attendees travel a cancer patient’s emotional journey through the information and insights of a clinical social worker.  The learned information becomes more applicable for cancer caregivers via shared experiences at work – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Cancer Pathways is here to help you and your employee navigate the challenges presented by cancer.  In addition to the seminar we offer the following programs and services:

  • One on one consultation with the employer or the employee or both to help promote understanding and resolve issues
  • Training on effective communications
  • Facilitation of legal mediation
  • Application of the Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Disability and the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Parameters of reasonable accommodations
  • Presentations for employees
    • Nutrition
    • Wellness
    • Smoking cessation
    • Caregiving for cancer patients
    • Emotional effects of living with cancer
    • How can I help?

We’re here to help.  When cancer arrives at your workplace, contact Anna Gottlieb at anna@cancerpathways.org or 1-866-200-2383.  With the right information and tools you will be comfortable and confident as you successfully navigate the complex issues.   The more you know the more appropriate and effective your response will be as an employer and as a colleague.

The return is huge - when a company invests in its employees’ well-being, it experiences improved outcomes, greater employee engagement, an enhanced workplace culture and measurable ROI.

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When Cancer Comes to Work
Thursday, November 9th
Washington Athletic Club (MAP)

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Email info@cancerpathways.org or call 206-709-1400 for more information.

Seminar Includes:

  • Survivors and Caretakers workplace navigation experiences
  • Legislative Updates! -Paid Sick & Family Leave - Local, State & Federal
  • Employment case law highlights from experienced attorneys
  • Employee engagement best practices during treatment & recovery
  • Medical community presentations
  • Navigator Program Information offered by Cancer Pathways
  • Breakfast and Lunch INCLUDED
  • SHRM & HRCI credits pending

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