December 31, 2015

When Cancer Comes to Work

When Cancer Comes to Work

Helping Employers & Employees Effectively Navigate Cancer in the Workplace

The Issue

Cancer in the workplace is a critical business issue for employers and employees alike. Complex issues arise when an employee or manager faces cancer - as a patient or caregiver. Cancer Pathways has been helping companies address these issues for over 10 years.

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The Program


  • Communication training
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Successful re-entry into the workplace
  • Confidentiality for employees
  • Effective management of expectations

Key Players

  • Workplace Health Navigators - Licensed clinical oncology social workers that liaise between employee affected by cancer and the business' human resources and/or supervisors
  • Employee Impacted by Cancer - Patient or caregiver
  • Management - Human resources department and/or direct supervisor
  • Other Employees - Colleagues of employee affected by cancer


The Impact

Cancer Pathways has organized and facilitated numerous events for different workplace audiences. When Cancer Comes to Work attendees are grateful for the education and tools that Cancer Pathways provides:

  • "As a manager, [When Cancer Comes to Work] helped me better understand how to operate and communicate through serious illness."
  • “As a cancer survivor, I’m very thankful you explained those ‘not-visible’ signs of cancer, even after treatment. My colleagues try to be supportive but haven’t really understood.”
  • “I was just diagnosed with stage four and haven’t told anyone at work, but now thanks to your overview I think I know how to approach my boss and colleagues about my cancer without the fear of losing my job.”
  • “The irony of working in healthcare and not knowing how to talk to colleagues affected by cancer is something we face everyday on our team. With your communication training, it allows us to be more effective.” 
  • “As a relatively young woman with breast cancer on an all-male team, your training helped us all better understand how to operate and communicate through awkward times since cancer isn’t going away anytime soon.”
  • “Your presentation and support has significantly improved morale on our team and as a whole company.”

To navigate cancer in your workplace, 

contact us | 206.709.1400.


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To navigate cancer in your workplace, 

contact us | 206.709.1400.