December 31, 2015

When Cancer Comes to Work


Helping employees & employers effectively navigate cancer in the workplace.

Cancer in the workplace is a critical business issue for employers and employees alike. Complex issues arise when an employee faces cancer - as a patient or caregiver. Cancer Pathways has been helping companies address these issues for over 10 years.

The Program


  • Communication training
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Successful re-entry into the workplace
  • Confidentiality for employees
  • Effective management of expectations

Key Players

  • Workplace Health Navigators - Licensed clinical oncology social workers that liaise between employee affected by cancer and the business' human resources and/or supervisors
  • Employee Impacted by Cancer - Patient or caregiver
  • Management - Human resources department and/or direct supervisor
  • Other Employees - Colleagues of employee affected by cancer
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