July 24, 2019

Share Your Story

Share your story. Your Voice is Powerful.

By sharing your experience, you can make a difference...

  • In the lives of other working people touched by cancer
  • In raising awareness on support needed for successful work adjustment
  • By communicating what has and has not worked in your navigation of cancer in the workplace



Share your story about cancer in the workplace

Tell us about...

  • Workplace re-entry after treatment or caregiving 
  • Disclosure of diagnosis or caregiver status to work
  • Interviews - do you tell them you are affected by cancer?
  • Really great acts or support coworkers or management have provided for you
  • Challenges faced in the workplace regarding cancer
  • What people have said about cancer in the workplace (helpful and not so helpful) 
  • Your experience with cancer in the workplace as a colleague, patient, survivor, caregiver, HR, management, and more
  • Whatever else you want to share! 

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Nominate the person(s) who helped you get through cancer or caregiving in the workplace!

We will send them a note of recognition and gratitude. 

Tell us about...

  • Your relationship to them
  • What did they say or do to help you
  • Why do they stand out to you 
    • Did they do something as simple as smile and greet you everyday, a grand gesture that stood out to you, or something else?  Tell us all about it!
  • Whatever else you want to commend or thank them for! 

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