Cancer Happens Distance Learning Activities

Cancer Education for Teens

Cancer Happens Distance Learning Activities

Our Cancer Happens® Teen Education program will be sharing weekly online activities to support health education as distance learning continues. For questions about this program, please email Program Manager Jana Mastrogiovanni.

Distance Activities:

Quarantine Bingo: Play bingo while reducing your cancer risk and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Download Activity

Name It To Tame It: Learn how to cope with the many issues and concerns that occur when cancer and other stressful situations happen. Download Activity

Vaccines: Fact or Myth: In honor of Teen Health Week, we would like to share a lesson on preventive care and vaccines. Did you know there is a vaccine that can help prevent certain cancers? Download Lesson

Cancer and the Environment: Learn ways to better care for our Earth and the environment while reducing your risk for cancer. Download Activity

Skin Cancer Prevention Tips: Learn how to reduce your risk for skin cancer by developing sun-safe habits and performing monthly skin checks. Download Activity    |   Download 'How To Do a Skin Check'

My Feelings in Emojis: Use emojis to describe your feelings this week! Download Activity

Talking with Teens about Vaping: A guide to help you start the conversation with teens about e-cigarettes and vapes. Download Guide

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