Cancer Research

Cancer Research

The Risk of Alternative Cancer Treatments
October 1, 2018
By Jane E. Brody / The New York Times
Avoiding evidence-based treatments in favor of untested ones can contribute to higher death rates, a Yale study found.

Study cracks open the secrets of the cancer-causing BRCA1 gene
September 12, 2018
By Sharon Begley / STAT

A personalized vaccine helps patients fight back against ovarian cancer
April 12, 2018
By Melissa Healy / The Los Angeles Times

We are failing black women with breast cancer
October 31, 2017
By Beti Thompson and Nancy E. Davidson / The Seattle Times

Tumor gene testing urged to tell if drug targets your cancer
July 6, 2017
By Lauran Neergaard / The Associated Press

Why pancreatic cancer is such a killer, and what's being done about it
June 20, 2017
By Mary Brophy Marcus / CBS News

Cuban vaccine may pack punch in fight against lung cancer
June 11, 2017
By Mimi Whitefield / The Miami Herald

Cancer Drug Proves to Be Effective Against Multiple Tumors
June 8, 2017
By Gina Kolata / The New York Times

8 things doctors are buzzing about at the biggest cancer meeting
June 6, 2017
By Laurie McGinley / The Washington Post

Hope and hype around cancer immunotherapy
June 2, 2017
By Jacqueline Howard / CNN

Colon and Rectal Cancers Rising in Young People
February 28, 2017
By Roni Caryn Rabin / The New York Times

Using Vaccines to Bolster Immunotherapy Responses in Kidney Cancer
January 27, 2017
By Angela Welch / Cure Today
Vaccines are currently being tested in their potential to improve immunotherapy responses for patients with renal cell carcinoma.

Wider Racial Gap Found in Cervical Cancer Deaths
January 23, 2017
By Jan Hoffman / The New York Times

New tricks in canine cancer research may improve treatments for humans, too
November 26, 2016
By Laurie McGinley / The Washington Post

A common virus could help fight liver cancer and hepatitis C
November 16, 2016

Higher Protein Intake May Modestly Improve Breast Cancer Survival
November 9, 2016
By Jason Hoffman, PharmD, RPh / Oncology Nurse Advisor

Joe Biden: The Next Step in Our Cancer Moonshot
September 16, 2016
By Vice President Joe Biden / Time
Helping patients means transparency and clarity

Educating People About Clinical Trials May Improve Their Likelihood of Participation
August 10, 2016
By Jo Cavallo / The ASCO Post
Findings from an MSK survey showcase barriers to clinical trial participation and how to overcome them.

4 Questions With a Prostate Cancer Expert: In Defense of Prostatectomy
August 3, 2016
By Gina Columbus / Cure Today
Gregory Zagaja discusses the benefits of surgery for prostate cancer, as well as recent updates in the field.

What Is Immunotherapy? The Basics on These Cancer Treatments
July 30, 2016
By Denise Grady and Andrew Pollack / New York Times

Most popular sunscreens might not be the most effective
July 6, 2016
By Janissa Delzo / CNN

Vice President Joe Biden Discusses Cancer Moonshot Initiative During ASCO 2016
June 6, 2016
American Society of Clinical Oncology

Biden brings cancer ‘moonshot’ talks to Fred Hutch
March 21, 2016
By JoNel Aleccia / Seattle Times
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden on Monday toured a Fred Hutch research lab and discussed the White House’s $1 billion cancer “moonshot” effort aimed at speeding up science fast enough to make a decade’s progress in five years.

Vaccine reduces HPV in teen girls by nearly two-thirds, study says
February 21, 2016
By Jan Hoffman / Seattle Times
“A minority of females in this country have been immunized, but we’re seeing a public health impact that is quite expansive,” said Dr. Amy Middleman, of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.