Social and Emotional Issues

Social and Emotional Issues

Talking to Children About Terminal Illness
March 18, 2019
By Perri Klass, MD / The New York Times
New guidelines call for speaking openly with children when they or their parents face life-threatening diseases.

Tackling Cancer Anxiety
November 15, 2018
By Susan Gubar / The New York Times
No matter how long I deal with periodic blood tests, abdominal CTs and mammograms, they always trigger a huge wave of ‘scanxiety.’

Hiding My Cancer Under the Hijab
October 16, 2018
By Saema Khandakar, MD / The New York Times
After breast cancer treatment, I hid my bald head in front of my family to avoid painful conversations about my illness.

What to Say When You Meet the Angel of Death at a Party
January 26, 2018
By Kate Bowler / The New York Times
After years of living with stage IV cancer, I have a few suggestions

When a Sibling Dies, or Has a Serious Illness
December 12, 2017
By Abby Ellin / The New York Times

Cancer Support system? What support system?
May 23, 2017
By Barbara Carlos / Cure Today
No man is an island, but sometimes our interdependency isn’t clear.

Love in the time of cancer
February 14, 2017
By Diane Mapes / Fred Hutch News Service
Getting dumped after diagnosis isn’t the only story out there; meet three couples who found romance despite disease

Depression and Anxiety Tied to Cancer Deaths
January 27, 2017
By Nicholas Bakalar / The New York Times

Mastering the Art of Living Uncertainly With Cancer
January 18, 2017
By Lisa Machado / Cure Today
Certainty takes on a whole new meaning when you are living with cancer.

10 Tips on Surviving the Holidays with Cancer
November 9, 2016
By Bonnie Annis / Cure Today
Holidays can be challenging, but here are a few helpful tips to surviving well.

Stop Telling Me to Be Happy Because I Beat Cancer
September 26, 2016
By Katherine Malmo / Good Housekeeping
I wonder when — or even if — it will be okay for me to complain like everyone else.

Let's Make Cancer Less Lonely
August 9, 2016
By Barbara Tako / Cure Today
This is my wish list for all cancer survivors across all types of cancer who struggle with cancer's emotional isolation.

I Was Diagnosed With Cancer At Age 32. Here's How It Changed Me
August 8, 2016
By Elissa Goodman / Mind Body Green

Your cancer sex Rx
July 29, 2016
By Diane Mapes / Fred Hutch News Service
Expert tips, tools and tricks to help you reboot your post-cancer body and rekindle intimacy after cancer treatment

Blaming the Cancer Patient
July 28, 2016
By Martha Carlson / Cure Today
Every day seems to link another food or behavior to my cancer diagnosis. Those endless recommendations sometimes just minimize what I am going through. Am I wrong to say enough is enough?

Cancer Gave Me the Gift of Time
July 25, 2016
By Bonnie Annis / Cure Today
Cancer is a great teacher of many valuable lessons.

5 myths about cancer we all need to stop believing
June 30, 2016
By Izzy Capelin /
Macmillan Cancer Support helps dispel some of the most common misconceptions about cancer

Guilt: A Lasting Side Effect for Cancer Survivors
June 29, 2016
By Julie Grisham / Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Difficulty coping with the emotional toll of a cancer diagnosis can continue long after treatments are over. Guilt is a common feeling experienced by cancer survivors, but there are ways to address it.

Grace Under Pressure: Facing the Follow-Up Visit After Cancer
June 28, 2016
By Mike Verano / Cure Today
Unpredictability is par for the course when it comes to a cancer diagnosis. However, I have found a strange comfort in a very reliable pattern when it comes to preparing for follow-up visits.

Cancer Is Lonely Enough, Don't Do Cancer Alone
March 7, 2016
By Barbara Tako / Cure Today
A two-time cancer survivor suggests ways new patients can find support to cope with survival

10 Inspirational Books for Cancer Patients & Families
March 3, 2016
By Tracey Aaron / Fifth Season Financial

Cancer Emotional Survival 101: Tips for Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients and Their Loved Ones
June 26, 2015
By Barbara Tako / Cure Today
A two-time survivor shares thoughts to help newly diagnosed cancer patients and their loved ones cope emotionally.

Yes, I survived cancer. But that doesn't define me.
September, 2014
By Debra Jarvis /
Debra Jarvis had worked as a hospital chaplain for nearly 30 years when she was diagnosed with cancer. And she learned quite a bit as a patient. In a witty, daring talk, she explains how the identity of “cancer survivor” can feel static. She asks us all to claim our hardest experiences, while giving ourselves room to grow and evolve.