Virtual Camp Sparkle

Why we went virtual

In 2020, COVID-19 changed how we gather in groups. Camp Sparkle, as an on-site, in-person program, was not an option – especially for a community like ours, who face existing health concerns. To keep everyone safe, we decided to implement ‘virtual camp’ for the first time. While our in-person program cannot be replaced, we were still able to create a supportive community for children who have shared experiences with cancer.

How does Virtual Camp Sparkle work?

In the summer of 2020, we offered a variety of activities, including the ‘Camp Sparkle Pen Pals’ program, cooking classes, ‘Show & Tell’, a talent show and more! Access to Virtual Camp Sparkle requires an internet connection and an internet-compatible device to access Zoom. There is no cost for families to participate.


Children ages 5-12 who have been impacted by cancer are welcome to participate.

Dates and Times for 2021

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Virtual Camp Sparkle Activities

What would a Camp Sparkle summer be without singing, dancing and coming up with our own skits? During Virtual Camp, we release activity videos that can be done from the comfort of home. These are sent to campers and posted on the Cancer Pathways Youtube Page.

Show and Tell

One of the most powerful moments of Camp Sparkle is our Show and Tell day. Kids are encouraged to bring in a picture of the person in their life that has cancer to share with the group. We will continue to offer kids this opportunity to share their story.

Talent Shows

Camp Sparkle Talent Shows and Open Mic Nights will be an opportunity for kids and teens to show off their skills!

Camp Sparkle Pen Pals

Let’s stay connected! Kids and families have the opportunity to send messages of hope and solidarity to other families facing cancer. Contact information is provided monthly by the Camp Director.

Virtual Scrapbook

Camp Sparkle is all about community, and that’s why we build a Virtual Camp Sparkle scrapbook. We invite all camp families, volunteers and partners to submit fun pictures from their summer to be added to our collective scrapbook. We want to collect moments of joy, resilience, and community. Everyone who contributes receives a digital copy to enjoy.

Parent Support Group

We encourage all Camp Sparkle parents to attend our ongoing support groups for families facing cancer. Learn more about our Families Living with Cancer and our Family Grief Group.