Cancer Happens Impact


  • Cancer Pathways was recognized as an HPV champion by the state of GA for dedication to promoting HPV prevention and education.
  • Awarded a 2 year Washington State DOH contract to expand the program

Expansion Plans

  • With federal and state funds awarded to us, we will expand statewide in 2021
  • Expanding partnerships to broaden program reach nationally with local partners

Our Reach

  • Over 110,000 middle school and high school students 
  • Continuing to expand and reach students across the U.S. and beyond Washington State

What teachers are saying about Cancer Happens

“I want to thank you so much for coming to speak to my classes. I had such positive feedback from all my students about how much they had learned. You definitely made a huge impact on their lives.”

“Thank you for speaking to my Child Development classes regarding cancer. Your presentation was professional and informative. My students enjoyed it and I look forward to having you back in the future.”

“This is such an appropriate time for my students since they have just started their Cancer Awareness Projects which includes interviewing a cancer survivor or a close relative of a cancer patient.”

“The material presented was very relevant to the lives of our students & cancer is something teens don’t think can happen to them.”

“Thank you so very much for including our school in the Cancer Happens Presentations. The presenter was very patient and so positive with my students. Not only was the information presented astounding, but her approach with the kids was great.”

“Many of these students have parents who are smokers, so it was very good for them to hear especially about lung cancer. Hopefully, it will cause them to persuade their parents to stop smoking.”

What students are saying about Cancer Happens

“One of my relatives unfortunately passed from cancer a few years ago so I knew some basic information already, however I learned a lot from your presentation. I really like how you asked us questions and had us guess what the answer was before teaching us more about it, it’s much more engaging and it makes you think about it more.”

“I hadn’t really realized that there was anything you could do to prevent some types [of cancer]. I think it is very important for me to know that, I’ll start trying to do all the things you told us that help reduce your risk for cancer.”

“I think the most important thing I took from your lecture was the information about skin cancer. I don’t like going out in the sun, and I don’t like wearing sunscreen, so pretty much every summer I get a big sunburn from some trip or another; I feel as though now, I have a better sense of responsibility for my own skin and my own body.”

“I appreciate you giving us opportunities to answer questions. Doing that made the experience more interesting. An important take-away from Friday was that we should be doing regular body checks in order to catch anything abnormal before it gets out of hand.”

“Thank you for coming into our classroom and talking about a tough topic. You gave me some good information that I will use now and in the future.” 

“Thank you for all of the information you showed us. After learning everything you taught us, I will spread the word. Thank you so much for taking your time and teaching us things we didn’t know. Now I feel informed. Thank you!”

“I really appreciate this presentation and the speaker did a great job. If I find a friend or an adult with cancer, I will definitely refer them to Cancer Pathways!”

“I did learn a lot today. I knew the basics of cancer, but I learned way more today and I can make sure to follow the rules.”

“Personally, knowing the risk factors of cancer was very eye opening and important, as I now know what things are crucial to avoid. From now on, I will try to get to know my body better so I can know if somethings wrong, and I will make sure I have the appropriate vaccinations. Ultimately, I am extremely grateful for the time and information you gave us because it will help keep us safer and healthier.”

“I didn’t know that smoking can cause more than just lung cancer, and now even more than ever I’m disgusted by smoking!” 

“Thank you for sharing the negative effects of substances and the types of cancer that can come from these substances. I appreciated you reminding us to try to avoid substances that are very popular for our age such as Juul and showing us the effects that would happen to us if we did use substances. The main takeaway I had yesterday is to help others avoid substances or quit.”

“Something important that I learned from the presentation was that there are multiple types of cancer, and how there are lots of different risk factors and that the majority of cancer is caused by lifestyle because before i thought that it was mainly because someone in your family in the past had cancer and that it can be passed down through genes.”

“I realized healthy eating and exercise can really be helpful in preventing cancer. I really appreciated the information regarding vaping. I always wondered about that. I’m so glad my Mom is a stickler for making us wear sunscreen. I won’t give her such a bad time from now on.”

“I like the interactive element – we weren’t just listening but also asking questions. The presenter knew the information well. I liked the pictures and videos.”

“I feel more educated and now will take more precautions to prevent cancers and making healthier choices.”

“I feel really informed and learned that things that seem little – like wearing sunscreen, not smoking, and eating right – can make a difference!”

Help us raise $25,000 this February – all donations matched dollar for dollar, doubling your impact!

This match is in honor of Pinky Brindle, the mother of one of our board members, who passed away from cancer.