Waking from A Dream

Four months of empty memories have risen from the depths of my soul after all these years. As if I’m in a dream, I see this fuzzy-headed little girl skipping circles around me as she laughs and recalls story after story of being “sick.” I suddenly realized she was me, at six years old, weakened Read more about Waking from A Dream[…]

Winner of the 2019 Cancer Unwrapped Teen Writing Contest

Losing my Father

Well-known antonyms for hope: doubt, despair, pessimism. Most people forget to add ‘cancer’ to that list. For me, hopelessness was the only thing I felt throughout my father’s struggle with cancer. If hope was the thing with feathers, then hopelessness must have been the ball of abnormal cells in my father’s throat. My father was Read more about Losing my Father[…]