How Pizza Saves Lives

You know how when you were younger, in elementary school, and the school liked to do fun little fundraisers? When I was younger, I knew that the money went to other people and kids who needed it. But my focus was usually on winning the pizza party. You do all of these fundraisers for Leukemia Read more about How Pizza Saves Lives[…]

Why Do the Good People Have to Die

We were running through the waves of the ocean and the sun was shining brightly upon us. We were laughing and smiling without a care in the world. At that time I believed that bad things do not happen to good people like us. We live our whole lives and face nothing trivial like the Read more about Why Do the Good People Have to Die[…]

True Beauty is Strength

For most people my age they have not come face to face with death. Whether it be directly or indirectly, they have not experienced much loss. I however have become very familiar with death and more importantly the preciousness of life. It began earlier this year in April. It was around this time that I Read more about True Beauty is Strength[…]