Hope Soars with 1000 Paper Crane Project

1000 paper cranes. “What does that mean to you?” Words, images, and objects can hold different meanings and show different ideas to individual people. My 1000 folded Japanese origami paper cranes demonstrate all of my hopes, support and respect for my mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently in a powerful fight Read more about Hope Soars with 1000 Paper Crane Project[…]

Starring: Cancer

Before her diagnosis, my big sister, Emma, had to be the most popular girl in school. She was the girl who could do it all. She was a four-year varsity athlete in softball, Captain of the Cheer team, National Honor Society member, tennis athlete, homecoming princess and an active member of her ASB office. She Read more about Starring: Cancer[…]

How Pizza Saves Lives

You know how when you were younger, in elementary school, and the school liked to do fun little fundraisers? When I was younger, I knew that the money went to other people and kids who needed it. But my focus was usually on winning the pizza party. You do all of these fundraisers for Leukemia Read more about How Pizza Saves Lives[…]