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Gilda’s Club Seattle Clubhouse doors open (2001)

2001: Support groups, lectures, health and wellness

Since 2001, support groups, health and wellness programs, and educational lectures have been the foundation for the work we do in supporting those living with cancer and those grieving the loss of a loved one.

2004: Cancer Illuminated: Transforming Communications in the Workplace

Cancer Illuminated, formerly known as “When Cancer Comes to Work” Cancer is where we convene HR, legal, researchers, and community members together to discuss how to navigate the workplace while living with cancer

2006: Cancer Unwrapped

Since 2006, ~5,000 teens nationwide, whose 2006 lives have changed by cancer, have submitted their stories to this essay contest. We have received essays from all 50 states.

2019: Patient Advocacy and Community Engagement (PACE)

Since the beginning, we’ve held wellness and educational lectures for the public. In 2019, we centralized our patient advocacy and adult engagement into one PACE program.

2003: Camp Sparkle

Since 2003, over 2400 campers and counselors have participated in Camp Sparkle. To date, we have held camps in Seattle, Bellevue, Everett and Tacoma.

2005: Cancer Happens

Since 2005, over 100,000 teens in over 104 high schools have benefited from Cancer Happens, a program that teaches teens about cancer prevention and risk reduction.

2016: Now Cancer Pathways

Gilda’s Club Seattle officially renamed to Cancer Pathways

2020: Virtual Programs

As of 2020, all programs are available online