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Cancer Pathways offers a series of expert speaker presentations on a variety of relevant topics. These events are provided at no cost and take place on the easy-to-use Zoom virtual platform. Time is allotted for questions at the end. Registration is required - to register for one of our upcoming presentations, please register below.
Living with Lung Cancer During COVID-19
Thursday, July 23rd from 7:00-8:00pm     |     Register here

Presented by Dr. Morhaf Al Achkar, M.D.,
Assistant Professor at UW School of Medicine


Morhaf Al Achkar, MD, Ph.D. was born in Aleppo-Syria and migrated to the United States in 2006 after finishing medical school. He also obtained a Ph.D. in Education from Indiana University. Currently, he is a practicing family physician and a faculty member at the University of Washington.

In 2016, Morhaf was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer; he was 33 years old. Since then, his research has focused on the experience of patients living with lung cancer. His book, “Roads to Meaning and Resilience with Cancer,” is based on interviews he did with 39 patients who live, like him, with incurable cancers. He has also published his memoir entitled, “Being Authentic.” In his research and writings, he explores how people with cancer find meaning, authenticity, and build resilience.

What are Copay Accumulator Adjustment Programs (CAAPs)?
We care about patients being informed and empowered health consumers.

Myths and Tips: Talking To Your Kids About Cancer
Date: September, 2020    |    Register here
Presented by Maddie Ritter, MSW, LICSW,
Oncology Social Worker, Program Manager at Cancer Pathways


In her role at Cancer Pathways, Maddie manages several support programs, facilitates groups, and provides clinical social work interventions for adults, teens, and kids. She is a graduate of the University of Washington Masters of Social Work Program, a member of the Association of Oncology Social Workers, and serves as President-Elect on the Board of Directors for the Washington State Chapter of the Society of Social Work Leaders in Health Care. She is most passionate about working with kids and families facing cancer.

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