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Knowledge is power and that’s the first step to cancer prevention! Expand your knowledge with our resources below:

Articles and Downloads

General Cancer

  • Teen Guide to Cancer Risk Factors (PDF)
  • Cancer FAQs from Teens (PDF)

Tobacco and Vaping/E-cigarettes

  • Quick Facts on the Risks of E-cigarettes (website)
  • Smokefree Teen (website)
  • NOT for Me – quit program (website)

Human papillomavirus (HPV)

  • HPV and the HPV Vaccine (article)

Diet and Nutrition

Encompassing Cancer Podcast

Tune in on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or wherever you listen:

    • Episode 4: Skin Cancer Awareness Month – Protect the skin you’re in
    • Episode 7: Cancer Unwrapped 2022 – A teen winner shares her story
    • Episode 11: Spotlighting the HPV Vaccine with Dr. Jose Rodriguez
    • Episode 15: Feel for lumps, save your bumps: Breast self-awareness with Dr. Sara Javid
    • Episode 18: The dangers of e-cigarettes, vaping, and flavorings with Dr. Crystal Shen
eLearning Modules

We have 2 FREE eLearning courses:

  • E-cigarettes and Vaping
  • Cancer Happens: general cancer risk reduction information

Learn more and sign-up.


Get Involved

Make a meaningful impact in your community! Get involved in one (or several) of our opportunities below:

Teen Ambassadors

Teen Ambassadors are members of the community who seek to inspire others and share valuable cancer support and prevention information. Are you interested in being a leader in your area? Learn more and complete an application.

Cancer Unwrapped

Have you been impacted by cancer — either through a personal diagnosis or that of a loved one? Share your experience in written form by submitting an essay to our contest. Visit our Cancer Unwrapped page to learn more.

Camp Sparkle Counselor

Do you want to support children who have been impacted by cancer? Join us over the summer at Camp Sparkle and become a Counselor or Jr. Counselor! We’re always looking for energetic, compassionate, and reliable teens to help us bring the magic to camp. Sign-up here.

Activities Calendar

We host numerous events that educate, support and enrich our community. Join us at no cost to you!