Cancer Education for Teens

July 12, 2016

Summer has begun, which means another school year of Cancer Education for Teens (CET) has ended. Our CET program has been providing basic cancer education and cancer prevention strategies in Washington State high school health education classes since 2005. This year we were also excited to implement our new e-learning format allowing us to reach more students statewide. Overall, this school year we had 31 schools participate and 7,800 students complete our CET program! Since 2005 we have served more than 58,000 students in 80 high schools.
According to our student surveys, 77% of teens have been affected by cancer in some way. What does this mean? Well, with this many teens being touched by cancer, it is important to provide them with accurate information as well as coping tools and supportive resources. Most teens need and want to know more information about cancer. To sign up for CET or to learn more, email Sally at [email protected].
2005-2016 CET Map