Cancer Happens eLearning

March 23, 2020

Hello Educators,
As schools across the country are closing due to (COVID-19), Cancer Pathways is here to help students continue their education from home. We would like to offer our online modules, Cancer Happens® eLearning, to those students and faculty working remotely.
This program is available at no cost to you and your students. The online course takes about 45 minutes. Once the course is completed, students will be prompted to take a short online survey in order to receive course completion. Users will also have access to a library of materials, including videos, handouts, and more.
Please know we are committed to providing support during this time. We hope you are all staying safe and healthy.
Anna Gottlieb, Founder and CEO
Cancer Pathways
Sign Up Now!
For online access to our to our narrated modules, lesson plans, and enrichment activities. Students work at their own pace and can access their e-Learning account any time and any where!
How to register:
Email our staff the following information:
-School Name
-Teacher Name and Email
-Number of Student Accounts Needed
Cancer Happens® module content includes:
-Actionable steps teens can take to prevent and reduce their risk of certain cancers
-Including: Smoking, vaping and tanning bed cessation
-Healthy lifestyle promotion
-Including: HPV vaccines, nutrition, and exercise
-Cancers that teen behaviors can affect
-Lung, skin, HPV-related cancers, and testicular
-Opportunities for teens to expand their knowledge and take action