Celebrating Earth Day with Cancer Pathways

April 22, 2023

Today is Earth Day 2023! To celebrate, we’re featuring recipes, sustainability practices, and ways you can spend Earth Day from our staff members at Cancer Pathways.

Paige – Program Manager, Cancer Unwrapped

My family eats a primarily plant based diet and we try to shop at the University District Farmers Market for fresh fruits and vegetables. I hang the reusable totes on the doorknob so they go back to the car next time I go out.

Our girls have been learning about Earth Day, sustainable practices and impacts at school since they were young. What they have learned has led us to have conversations, awareness and conscious thinking about the way we practice sustainability that we might not have had. I remember one of them did a project on carbon emissions on different modes of transportation! 

Amy – Program Director

My favorite place to walk and get outdoors in Seattle is the Washington Park Arboretum. Don’t forget to take the trail that leads to the best view of the Husky Stadium!

Maureen – Donor Relations Coordinator

In the spring, I love to use the Creamy Cauliflower Soup recipe from The Blender Girl as inspiration. 

I saute onion and/or garlic in a pan for a few minutes until soft. Then, for the last minute, throw in some roughly chopped cauliflower (or broccoli).  Add in 6-7 cups of water or vegetable stock and a little salt and simmer for 20 minutes until the vegetables are soft. Take it off heat, add in about 1/4 cup blanched almonds – or I’ve used cashews – and let it all cool for a bit. Next, I blend it in small batches in a blender, and put back in the pot to adjust any seasonings.

Emily – Finance and Operations Manager

I often use public transit for my commute rather than drive to work. In some ways, I actually enjoy it more since I don’t have to deal with the oh so lovely Seattle traffic.

Lauren – Program Manager, Community Education

My sustainability tip is to ditch plastic as much as possible. Getting a reusable water bottle and switching to reusable sandwich bags is really simple, cuts down on plastic waste, and helps your budget, too! I would also encourage anyone to find ways to cut down plastics in their household routine. Switching to a powder laundry detergent (as opposed to buying liquid –which is mostly just water—in a big plastic bottle) or buying glass re-fillable soap dispensers is a great option! 

A great resource I’ve found is Environmental Working Group and their Skin Deep database. It’s a great place to find eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and clean products, including skincare, beauty, household products, and more. I encourage everyone to buy EWG verified!

Hanna – Program Coordinator, Teen Ambassadors

There is a park near my house called Nelson Nature Park and I love to walk my dog Daisy there! It has a cute trail and beautiful scenery.  

Jana – Program Manager, Cancer Happens

My favorite farmers market is in Queen Anne! It’s so hard to pick a favorite park. I love going with my family to Gas Works Park, and I loved running anywhere on the Burke-Gilman Trail.

My favorite sustainability tip is to keep a stash of tote bags in your trunk!

Terri – Community Outreach Manager, Eastern WA

My favorite farmers market is my backyard vegetable garden! In Eastern Washington, my favorite trail is the Centennial Trail by the Spokane River. My lab, Dazey, takes me on walks – and for her, sometimes swims – there almost every day!

I’ve been using canvas tote bags since 2006. I keep them in the car so I don’t forget them. I also wash them occasionally!

Shayla – Communications Specialist

I like to walk as my primary form of transportation, even though Seattle’s rainy weather can make that difficult sometimes! I also bring a tote bag everywhere I go – you can fit anything in those.

One of my favorite parks to visit in Seattle is Carkeek Park! There’s so much to do there. My Mom used to take me and my brother there when we were little and I love to go to the beach there and watch the sunsets.

Anna – Founder and Executive Director 

A great blog for vegetarian recipes is Pesto and Potatoes. The blog is run by local Seattleite Reed Dunn, and we’ve featured their recipes on our Cancer Pathways blog many times.

My trunk is always full of tote bags. I collect them so I’m always ready. 

I also plant vegetable gardens with the neighborhood kids.  

Michelle – Program Manager, Youth and Family Programs

For my favorite farmers market, I love the one in Edmonds. At home, we have a big, pretty garden instead of grass.