Featured Volunteers: Don & Barb Berger, of the Seattle Wedding Show

November 15, 2019

For 17 years, Cancer Pathways has been the charity beneficiary of the Seattle Wedding Show, but few know the story of this connection. In the beginning, when Don and Barb Berger were at the early point in their business when they felt they could really ‘make a go of it’, they decided they wanted to find a charity that they could really stand behind.
Barb, having lost her mother within 3 months of her lymphoma diagnosis, really felt that cancer had rocked her world and the world of her 5 sisters. They all grieved in different ways, but reached out to one another more, on birthdays and Mother’s Day, or even just if they hadn’t heard from a sister in a while. So, when Don and Barb decided to find a charity for the Show to support, it seemed to be divine intervention that just a few days later they met Anna, who was just starting Gilda’s Club Seattle (which later became Cancer Pathways), a cancer support community focused on friendship, community, and laughter.
The Bergers have never been comfortable with much attention. Barb’s mother was active in many charities and, being raised in the Catholic Church, believed strongly that one shouldn’t receive attention for the good they are doing. Barb and Don feel the same way. They feel rewarded enough that they can put on the Seattle Wedding Show and do well enough to support charities. Working mostly with family, Barb says, “It’s the best to like what you’re doing. It’s not something everyone is blessed with”.
Cancer Pathways is certainly fortunate to know the Bergers and eager to recognize their generosity and friendship throughout the years. Thank you Don & Barb Berger.

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