Meet Our Dear Friend & Yoga Instructor, Cindy Jaffe

September 15, 2016
On September 23rd the lovely Cindy Jaffe will be leading the first session of an 8 Week Yoga Series aptly named: Building a Healthy and Sustainable Yoga Practice.  Cindy was kind enough to indulge us in a little interview about herself, her practice and how yoga can become a useful tool in everyday life. 
How did you originally become interested in Yoga? (Where did you and yoga first meet?) (Was it love at first site?)
I went to a neighborhood yoga class on the advice of a nutritionist. At the time (2011), everything around me seemed to be crumbling and I felt trapped inside of a body I did not recognize as my own. Originally, I thought I would try yoga to lose weight and gain some strength and flexibility back in my body.
It was not love at first sight. My favorite part of the class was shavasana…or corpse pose. I often fell asleep as it was the only time I could relax in my current state. Slowly, I began to realize that yoga helped me feel good…both physically and emotionally. I needed to learn more…I wanted to understand more about this transformation that was taking place inside of me. 
Have there been any obstacles in your life that you believe Yoga has helped you through?
LOL.  Everyday has obstacles…they come in a variety of sizes and some don’t just go away:) 
Yes…Yoga helps me everyday to remain grounded and present with everything I do. Yoga allows me to learn more about myself physically and mentally…on and off the mat.  
I realized that life hands you a deck of cards…you don’t get to choose them, but you can make choices! I spent a lot of time and energy with anxiety about the future, anger and depression about the past. I had grown so attached to these feelings, I had completely forgotten about my daily life and family!

Are you able to say any ways in which you feel different since you began a regular yoga practice?
I can breathe! I think for most of my life, I took this ability for granted and never paid much attention. 
I feel grateful everyday for whatever life throws at me.
I try to spend as much of my day enjoying what I am doing in the moment.
Although it takes work sometimes, I have more compassion toward others and most importantly myself:)
What would you say to someone who is thinking about getting into yoga but feels a little intimidated by what they think it is?
I would congratulate them on being open to trying something new! Yoga is intended to be an individual practice. You may be centered on a mat or a chair but your eyes may be closed and your awareness has an inward focus.
What type of yoga do you teach? What do you prefer or enjoy most about this particular type of yoga?


If I were to pick only one style of yoga, I teach a classical Hatha style of yoga. I have learned so many wonderful lessons from other styles of yoga that I do occasionally incorporate them into my practice as well.  A class may depend on my clients and their needs. I have clients who practice from a bed, a chair or a mat. I teach in assisted living centers, in private homes and in yoga studios. That said, I would also call my style ” yoga for longevity”.