‘Mindful Moments’ Group Hosts Guest Speaker: John Heckel from MusicWorks Northwest

‘Mindful Moments’ Group Hosts Guest Speaker: John Heckel from MusicWorks Northwest

Our weekly mindfulness group, Mindful Moments, has started with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Each week, our group members are introduced to a new mindfulness technique and have an opportunity to practice together.

Some techniques we have touched on so far have included non-judgement, 4-6-8 breathing, developing “wise mind”, and loving-kindness. Last week, we were excited to host a guest instructor, John Heckel, from Music Works Northwest, who taught us how to incorporate music into our mindfulness practice.

We recommend this article from GoodTherapy.org explaining how mindful music listening helps reduce stress and anxiety. 

This group is facilitated by Jana Mastrogiovanni, Southeast Regional Program Manager. If you interested in joining our ‘Mindful Moments’ group, click here to register.

About Our Guest: John Heckel

John graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in 2015 with a BA in music. After working for a year at Sound Family Medicine as a receptionist in the same-day clinic, John attended The University of Miami to earn a MA in music therapy. During that time, John received training that focused on a neurological approach to music therapy and had the opportunity to work with children with developmental disorders at The UHealth Mailman Center for Child Development, with adults with developmental disorders at United Community Options, with children with varying diagnoses at Holtz Children’s Hospital, and with adults with cancer at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

While in Miami, John also worked for the City of Coral Gables Parks and Recreation Department as a special populations counselor for two years. John helped to create and implement an inclusion program for the city which allowed children of all abilities to be able to participate in the City’s recreational programs. John worked to adapt programs and provide support for children with varying needs from ASD and other neurological disorders to cerebral palsy and physical challenges.

John finished his graduate course work in Spring 2019 and is excited to complete his internship… at Music Works Northwest. (Biography from MusicWorks NW faculty page).