Niles Peacock Might Have Our Best Auction Item Yet!

October 12, 2023

We’re counting down the days until Surviving with Style! I (Cancer Pathways’ Shayla Ring) had the opportunity to sit down with Niles Peacock – James Beard Foundation recognized and nationally acclaimed pizzaiolo and mixologist, also voted Seattles Best Bartender, also really named Niles Peacock! We talked about Niles’ love of fashion, what he’s bringing to this year’s Gala, and what he’s looking forward to about this year’s event.

So the first question, Niles, is how did you first get involved with Cancer Pathways?

Deb (Debra Dawson, Cancer Pathways’ Development and Events Director) told me about it. It actually was so surprising, I was shocked when I learned about it, that I had never heard of it. It was so surprising to me, and especially the way they do their event too with a fashion show. Something that you may not know about me, I didn’t know I was going to be a restaurant owner originally. I actually was studying fashion design at Parsons School of Design in New York City, and I dropped my second year. 

I design a suit for every event that I do, so I still get to feel like a fashion designer because I design all of my suits for these events. I didn’t know what I was going to want for this event for October so I designed three and I’ll pick whichever one I think is going to be the best.

So I hear the fashion background, what initially drew you to our Gala and then what led you to getting involved?

I wanted to be involved as soon as I heard about it. It was really rewarding for me to participate in the Make-A-Wish event previously. Knowing that I can leverage my ability, my accolades, my skills doing craft pizza and craft cocktails, that I can leverage that in a way that supports organizations that do great things for people that really need it. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to do that, so wherever and whenever I can do that I do it. And I love doing what I do. I love it. 

So you won awards for bagels bartending and pizza congratulations – 

And schmear, too. 

And schmear, too, congratulations. How are you bringing your talents to this year’s gala?

By doing a hands-on sourdough craft pizza class and, in addition, craft cocktails 101. 

I’m going to get to bring what I know how to do and condense it into a session of instruction and and engagement that allows people to leave being able to do this stuff for themselves. 

As the owner of a very successful and recognized Seattle business you’ve interacted with many Seattleites. Can you talk about what your involvement in the Gala means for the Seattle community and giving back?

It’s just rewarding on a personal level to get to be of service in an event like this where, collectively, I’m only one of a number of people and organizations. And giving in the way that I can give to support this event and support people. 

In addition to that, a fashion show? Come on, who doesn’t want to be there?

And then on that note, the last question I have is what are you looking forward to most about this Gala?

The fashion show.

Other than that, I’m looking forward to interacting with the people there and talking to people that have been through this process with this organization. You know, actually talking to someone who has the before and after perspective of needing the support they got from Cancer Pathways. 

What was it like when they found out [they had cancer]? What was that experience like for them? What was it like when they found out there was support? What was it like after they got it? 

These stories and experiences are so interesting to me, I really do want to hear about it, and I’m looking forward to connecting with people who have been through that process.

We are only a few days away from our biggest fundraising event of the year. Join us Saturday, October 21st for an unforgettable, eye-opening event celebrating and supporting people living with cancer in our community. 

Niles Peacock is a James Beard Foundation recognized and nationally acclaimed pizzaiolo and mixologist, he’s been voted Seattle’s Best Bartender and is the owner of Niles Peacock Kitchen & Bar in Edmonds, Seattle. Niles is offering an Artisan Sourdough Pizza and Craft Cocktail Master Class for Eight at our live auction, register for a chance to win!