Sharon & Steve Raible: 20th Anniversary Captains

February 9, 2021

Sharon and Steve Raible, Co-Captains of the Cancer Pathways 20th Anniversary

Last month, we announced the exciting news that Sharon and Steve Raible are joining us as Captains of our 20th Anniversary year to share in our celebration of survivorship as we look back on our accomplishments and look forward to many more years of supporting the cancer community. Steve shared with us: 

Both Sharon and I have lost family and close friends to cancer. We know the pain. And we know the importance of community treasures like Cancer Pathways. That’s why we continue our support.

Steve Raible, voice of the Seattle Seahawks and longtime KIRO 7 news anchor, and his wife Sharon have been dear friends of Cancer Pathways over the years. Steve has hosted several of our cancer survivor fashion shows. In fact, attending one of our luncheons celebrating cancer survivorship is how Steve and Sharon first learned about the organization. They gave their time freely and with compassion:

Sharon and I became involved with Gilda’s Club initially through [Surviving with Style]. We were so impressed with the inspiring stories of the fashion show models and cancer survivors. We then learned about the important educational and support programs, along with the dedicated and talented staff. 

At our ‘Surviving with Style’ Fashion Show, we feature cancer survivors dressed in designer fashions while we have the opportunity to hear their inspiring stories. The fashion show is a moving experience – a triumphant day filled with joy, laughter, and tears, and a lot of cheering as the models walk the runway. 

Gilda Radner famously said, “Having cancer gave me a membership to an elite club I’d rather not belong to.” Through Surviving with Style, we do our best to make that elite club as fabulous as possible, at least for one day. And always, to embrace Gilda’s love of humor. Steve shared:

While there is nothing funny about cancer, the joy and laughter and crazy stories at [Surviving with Style] made for a wonderful, healing event.

Steve and Sharon have been with us almost since the beginning, helping us with the Fashion Show, golf, and anything we ever asked. They understand what we do and why it’s so important.  Cancer Pathways Founder and Executive Director Anna Gottlieb shares:

“The Raibles are a dynamic duo that care so much about their community and have helped so many nonprofits. We are thrilled to be one of them.”

In our 20th year, Steve and Sharon will join us in honoring our history by featuring our members and supporters. Without you, there would have been no Gilda’s Club or Cancer Pathways. We will share photos and stories from throughout our history and share our plans for the future. We know what a hard time this has been and we want to assure you that we are still here and expanding and growing so we can impact more families living with cancer. We are here for you. 

For 16 years as Gilda’s Club and 4 years as Cancer Pathways, we have served those touched by cancer, standing by them as they celebrate their lives, share their stories, honor the memory of loved ones, and connect with others who share similar experiences. Our programs and services, designed to educate, engage, and empower people, and our social events create lifelong memories for families living with cancer. Everything we do is in the spirit of ‘facing cancer together.’ 

Thanks to our generous donors, supporters, and volunteers, we’re able to offer these services free to the community and hope to continue doing so for another 20 years.  Having Sharon and Steve by our side in this 20th year of service to our community is a wonderful tribute to our programs. They are a joy to work with and we are so grateful to have their support. It makes a huge difference. Their charm, grace, compassion and support ensures that we will always be here for you. 

Thank you Sharon and Steve Raible.