Thanksgiving Recipe Suggestions

November 15, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!

Over the past year, Cancer Pathways has interviewed many people on our podcast, including two Seattle chefs! For Thanksgiving, we wanted to share recipes from their websites as meal inspiration for planning your holiday menu.

Caroline Wright is the author of four cookbooks and two children’s books, which she wrote after her terminal brain cancer diagnosis in 2017. 
You can find her Thanksgiving recipes here


Reed Dunn is a home chef through and through, creating recipes from locally grown and sourced food – including the many Seattle farmers markets. You can find his holiday recipes here.

Listen below to hear Caroline tell her story on our podcast back in February. She talks about receiving her diagnosis, the importance of listening to and trusting your body, and how she found healing through cooking and creating legacy materials. In Reed’s episode, he shares tips for navigating the farmers market, how to keep herbs staying fresh, and pantry essentials to keep on hand.