Cancer Pathways has an incredible community of survivors, loved ones, parents, siblings, children, caregivers, and patients who face cancer every day. This past February, we named and honored these individuals with a special matching challenge from Alec and Sofia Brindle. The Brindles pledged $25,000 in honor of Alec’s late mother, Cornelia ‘Pinky’ Brindle, who passed away from lung cancer in 2008.  Our incredible community met the challenge.

Thank you for adding your tributes’ names to the wall, sharing their stories, and donating to Cancer Pathways’ programs.  Thank you, Alec and Sofia, for inspiring us with your generous gift.

Sandra Granum

Denise Blackmer

Jean Rotenberg

Cynthia Farley

Lloyd Farley

Patti Farley

Thomas J. Lapos

Bill Schmidt

Jackie Schmidt

Lila Caveny Satre Meloy

Freeda Babson

Anne Schmidt

Kathy Zebrowski

Parmesh Mudaliar

Diana Ferrant

Darlin Gray

Jon Ziska

Guy Robichaud

Deena Fliegel

Jeff Saul

Pam Tazioli

Mike Abella

Gilda Radner

Shirely Greer


Carol Pawlak

Mikey Perotta

Diane Teufel

D’Ann Bennett

Isaac Tagoai

Laa Lang

Jay Wiggins

Monty Oliver Sr.

Fred Eckler

Kris Thordarson

Mary Caditz

Evie Grace

Bess Kinman

Andy Sheldon

Hal Sheldon

Gayle Evetts

Ken Hasbargen

Marion Stegath


Glenn Rockowitz

Joy Snider

Anna Gottlieb

Mel Rockowitz

John Louton

Dorothy R. Misrahy Gordon

Talmage Wooten

Cheryl Bingle

Bill Bingle

Edward Hyman

Raina Sherman Jones

Beverly Bingle

Dina Lorraine

Lynda Wilson

Bob Prince

Amy Walen

Tara Finestone

Paul Harris

Jaina Synder

Sally Nordstrom

Toby Keith

Richard Hultquist

Carolyn Hultquist

Kim Waag

Jose Blakeley

Don Crace

Agi Day

Marilyn Caplan

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