Bring our cancer risk reduction program into your school!

August 20, 2022

Cancer Happens is back in the classroom this year!

We are so excited to offer in-person presentations this school year after a two-year pause. Cancer Happens is a great way to educate and empower teens on adopting healthy habits to reduce their risk of cancer and improve overall health. Working with educators, we create safe spaces for youth to learn about cancer, talk openly about it, and hear about the community of support they have available to them.


With 3 out of 4 teens knowing someone diagnosed with cancer, it’s important for them to understand that cancer can happen to anyone, its impact, and where to turn to for social and emotional support. To date, we have reached over 114,000 teens across the U.S.!

Course highlights include:

  • Basic cancer facts that all teens should know
  • Cancer risk factors and the importance of collecting family health history
  • Topics include: HPV and HPV vaccine, specific cancers that can impact teens (e.g., skin cancer, testicular cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer), and more
  • How to support their friends or family members impacted by cancer
  • Where teens can access more information on cancer resources

We empower teens with credible sources of information and address the myths spread by vaping and tobacco industries who seek to lure today’s youth with their toxic products. For those interested, we will continue to offer live, virtual presentations with one of our health educators and our self-paced eLearning courses.


Read what teachers have to say:

I genuinely learn something new every time you all come out and present to my classrooms…I think it was something that maybe wasn’t emphasized in my education growing up.

-High School Teacher

I think teachers (in general) feel a lot of pressure to meet the demands from the state and there isn’t a lot of wiggle room…you guys come in and do one presentation and knock it out of the park!  

-High School Teacher


We are off to a great start, with over 20 schools on the calendar already! Find more information about our teen risk reduction program and listen to our podcast, enCOMPASSing Cancer, episode 12 – all about Cancer Happens.

Register online today to bring our Cancer Happens program into your classroom!

Questions? Please email Jana Mastrogiovanni ([email protected])