Slalom Consulting partners with Cancer Pathways to enhance, expand Cancer Unwrapped Contest

January 5, 2021

In December, Slalom Consulting facilitated a brainstorming workshop in collaboration with Cancer Pathways’ key program stakeholders, and program staff to enhance and expand the reach of our Cancer Unwrapped Teen Writing Contest. Together, we reviewed the history of the contest and best practices in outreach efforts.

Cancer Unwrapped amplifies the voices of teens whose lives have been affected by a cancer diagnosis – whether it is their own or that of a loved one – and provides a venue to share their experience. We provide a community for the families and teens reading these essays so they know are not alone in their experiences. We want to capture the stories that will help us identify gaps in support for young people and amplify voices with a diversity of lived experiences.

We extend our thanks to Mark Tindall, Jen Travis, and some of our longtime supporters, Molly Hill, Carol Backus, Terry Tazioli, and Liz Lange.

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