How Pizza Saves Lives

You know how when you were younger, in elementary school, and the school liked to do fun little fundraisers? When I was younger, I knew that the money went to other people and kids who needed it. But my focus was usually on winning the pizza party. You do all of these fundraisers for Leukemia Read more about How Pizza Saves Lives[…]

Cancer’s Effect

My life had been consistently perfect up until October 5th 2017. That was the day when my life turned completely upside down. She came home earlier than expected, and my dad went missing. They were outside and they sat in our car discussing her doctor’s appointment which she had just returned from. I knew something Read more about Cancer’s Effect[…]

Winner of the 2019 Cancer Unwrapped Teen Writing Contest

Cancer, More Than a Word

Everyone knows the word cancer, but what does it really entail? According to Webster is ‘a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body’ but everyone knows there is more meaning to a word than just the definition. Cancer is more than a word or disease. It is Read more about Cancer, More Than a Word[…]

Hunter Dawson

Expecting the Unexpected

It was the month leading to the end of Middle School. Nothing to worry about except enjoying my summer and getting ready for high school. I lived what I thought to be a normal life with a normal family. My mother was a kindergarten teacher at my school and my father was a contractor. My Read more about Expecting the Unexpected[…]

Winner of the 2019 Cancer Unwrapped Teen Writing Contest

Strongest Parents

Life in the Fisher household was just like any other family. My mom Liz was a stay home mom, and my dad Bill worked as a pharmacist. We were a normal family, fighting, laughing and enjoying life together. Everything changed in 2012 when I was in 5th grade. ‘Kaeli I have cancer,’ Those four words Read more about Strongest Parents[…]