An Extraordinary Life

For my eighth birthday I had a cupcake party. My best friends came over and we decorated and ate cupcakes. It was so much fun. I was in the second grade at Little Chico Creek and Mrs. Wren was my teacher. I was learning about multiplication and the solar system. I loved going to school! Read more about An Extraordinary Life[…]

Cancer Still Wrapped

I sat down beside my eldest brother in the living room, my middle brother would not be home from college for another week. The Christmas tree was lit up vibrantly and the faint crackle of the fireplace was in the background. Then I saw my mom’s face, and I knew that something wasn’t quite right. Read more about Cancer Still Wrapped[…]

Waking from A Dream

Four months of empty memories have risen from the depths of my soul after all these years. As if I’m in a dream, I see this fuzzy-headed little girl skipping circles around me as she laughs and recalls story after story of being “sick.” I suddenly realized she was me, at six years old, weakened Read more about Waking from A Dream[…]