Winner of the 2019 Cancer Unwrapped Teen Writing Contest

Losing my Father

Well-known antonyms for hope: doubt, despair, pessimism. Most people forget to add ‘cancer’ to that list. For me, hopelessness was the only thing I felt throughout my father’s struggle with cancer. If hope was the thing with feathers, then hopelessness must have been the ball of abnormal cells in my father’s throat. My father was Read more about Losing my Father[…]

Cancer’s Effect

My life had been consistently perfect up until October 5th 2017. That was the day when my life turned completely upside down. She came home earlier than expected, and my dad went missing. They were outside and they sat in our car discussing her doctor’s appointment which she had just returned from. I knew something Read more about Cancer’s Effect[…]

Winner of the 2019 Cancer Unwrapped Teen Writing Contest

Strongest Parents

Life in the Fisher household was just like any other family. My mom Liz was a stay home mom, and my dad Bill worked as a pharmacist. We were a normal family, fighting, laughing and enjoying life together. Everything changed in 2012 when I was in 5th grade. ‘Kaeli I have cancer,’ Those four words Read more about Strongest Parents[…]

Why Do the Good People Have to Die

We were running through the waves of the ocean and the sun was shining brightly upon us. We were laughing and smiling without a care in the world. At that time I believed that bad things do not happen to good people like us. We live our whole lives and face nothing trivial like the Read more about Why Do the Good People Have to Die[…]

Beautiful Pain

Cancer. A word that is screamed, spelled, pronounced, explained, even whispered in pain. My brother is 13 years old, and in his barely-longer-than-a-decade lifetime, he has had 25 surgeries. Using simple math, he averages one surgery roughly every 190 days. Every 190 days. Cancer, more specifically kidney cancer, played its devastating role in one of Read more about Beautiful Pain[…]