Volunteer Spotlight: Mike Thomason

April 20, 2020

April is National Volunteer Month! This year, we want to spotlight someone who is very special to us.
Mike Thomason became involved with Cancer Pathways through Interior Architects, an architecture firm whose volunteers had not only helped us out with Camp Sparkle but had also committed to the extraordinary project of renovating our children’s art therapy spaces at the Clubhouse. Mike works with Sellen, the contracting company IA sought out as a partner for this project.
We have Mike, his team at Sellen, IA, and more to thank for this incredible project. But that isn’t the only way Mike has contributed – he’s always taking on tasks around the Clubhouse.
When asked what keeps him connected to us, Mike shared: “Everyone at Cancer Pathways is compassionate and amazing. Being around the team, I have seen how committed they are to helping everyone they can that has been touched by cancer. It looked like the building and the team could use some help so I did what I could with a truck, tools, and some friends.”
Mike has volunteered to assist us in all kinds of ways over the past year; covering up graffiti, taking away broken items, and so many other things that aren’t so glamorous but which help us immeasurably and make us so grateful for Mike and his team.
Mike says, “I like to be around smart, caring, passionate people and the amazing people at Cancer Pathways are all those things and more!”
We feel the same, Mike and are so fortunate to have you on our team!