Anna Gottlieb on Warm 106.9 with Kate Daniels: A recap of Cancer Pathways’ successful programs and initiatives

September 15, 2022

Looking ahead and reflecting back on our successful summer

Over the years, Cancer Pathways has been featured on the Sunday Morning Magazine podcast with Kate Daniels on Warm 106.9. Check out the most recent episode where Anna Gottlieb (founder and Executive Director of Cancer Pathways) discusses our upcoming Bloodworks Northwest donation campaign in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the impact of Camp Sparkle over the summer, and the success of our Cancer Unwrapped teen essay writing contest. 

Additional Notes and Highlights:

    • Schedule an appointment to donate blood from September 16-September 30. At check-in, provide code CP21 so we can track our impact!
    • This summer at Camp Sparkle, we served 123 campers at 4 in-person locations and 1 online camp. 
    • We have collected over 7,500 essays from our Cancer Unwrapped writing contest for 9-12th graders. This past spring 20 winners were selected from across the country each receiving $1,000.

Listen in below or by clicking here.

A look ahead and a look back at our successful programming

by Kate Daniels on Warm 106.9 | September 11, 2022