Celebrating our Student Ambassadors

July 7, 2023

As students across the country enjoy summer break, we wanted to congratulate this year’s cohort of student ambassadors. These students spent the past academic year engaging in cancer support, leadership, and advocacy based projects to better their communities. 

Learn more about our student ambassadors and the work they’ve accomplished. 

Chloe Lim – Washington

“Cancer entered my life when I was six and has affected me since. As a kid, I followed my mom to countless doctors appointments as she was diagnosed and treated for an aggressive form of  breast cancer. I remember it being incredibly hard on her and my family. Later, my grandpa was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and recently, my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently going through difficult chemo treatments.

Over the summer, I had the chance to volunteer at Camp Sparkle, which really gave me perspective about giving back and how I can support the community. I know so many people that have been affected by cancer, and I understand how hard it is to go through. I want to give the support to the community that my family didn’t get.”

This past year, Chloe organized a cancer awareness club on campus. She has signed up as a Camp Sparkle Counselor for the second year in a row. 


Da’Monique Harris – Florida


“I love helping those in my community and helping others succeed. I also wish to help those going through cancer treatment or those who have lost family to cancer because I myself have gone through that, and I wouldn’t wish that pain on anybody.”

Da’Monique advocated for people with cancer in her community by writing letters to her State Representative about cancer legislation at the state level. 


Sophia Janssen – North Dakota


“Cancer has affected my life two different times and I want to be here for others. I have held multiple cancer fundraisers for my community high school.”

During National Cancer Prevention Month, Sophia raised awareness by creating and distributing posters and producing videos for social media highlighting ways for people in her community and beyond to reduce their risk of cancer. 


Melania Rodriguez – California 


“I was interested in becoming an ambassador mostly because this kind of role intrigues me. Something like this goes beyond having a great experience to share for college applications, this piques my attention because of what I have dealt with. Ever since my mom died from cancer four years ago, I haven’t felt like I belonged in many of the categories as a normal teenager. But reading [Cancer Unwrapped] essays from Cancer Pathways have always given me a sense of belonging and understanding. So being an integral part of this community is something I highly look forward to.”

Melania raised awareness for cancer in her community by hosting cancer documentaries on campus, educating her peers on the risks of cancer as well as life with cancer and beyond. 


Hadi Basil – Florida


“I want to support and inspire others while working collaboratively.”

During the academic year, Hadi created a cancer awareness club on campus to educate their peers and advocate for people living with cancer. 


Lana Torres – Washington


“I feel there are many misconceptions about cancer, how it comes to be, how those of us without it can help, etc. When people hear or read the word “cancer” they associate it with death and assume that the majority of people who have it die. By being an ambassador, I hope to rightfully inform people about cancer.”

Lana ran a campus-wide effort to write letters to cancer patients for Valentine’s Day and National Cancer Prevention Month, helping ensure that nobody faces cancer alone. She has also signed up as a Counselor for Camp Sparkle this summer. 

We are so proud of this year’s cohort of student ambassadors for helping us continue our mission of facing cancer together. Want to learn more about the program or apply to be in our next cohort of ambassadors? Email [email protected]