Coffee Talk with Michelle

January 14, 2021

For many, the new year of 2021 brings feelings of hope and healing for our future. I am often asked, “Michelle, should I make a New Year’s resolution?”    

First, let’s talk about what a resolution is to you. 

Is a resolution a goal? Do you have only one resolution? With a new year comes a desire to start fresh, try something new, tackle that problem. Great! My advice? Only have a new years resolution if this has worked for you in the past. Many of us start the new year with a resolution that becomes demanding and overwhelming. Then you may feel bad about yourself that you are overwhelmed or can not live up to your resolution.

For those living with cancer, it can be particularly frustrating that current resolutions look different than the past, before cancer. Be patient with yourself.   

Instead of a resolution, try making goals throughout the year that add to your life. What your goals are now might look different in 6 months. Several realistic goals throughout the year that are attainable is better than one resolution that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and depressed. Goals need to increase your quality of life, be realistic, and time-sensitive so you can be proud of yourself when you reach them. Long term goals are great and have those in addition to short term goals.

How do you get started? Try having one or two intentions, or, living with intent.  For example, call or facetime one extra friend or family member this week. Or, walk outside for 10 min. this week (if you are able). Start with whatever is realistic to add quality to your life.   

Adopting a mindset of ‘living with intent’ instead of a resolution may offer you a stable way to support yourself throughout the year and bring joy to your life. 

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