Workshops and Special Initiatives


Pathways to Wellness: Girl Scouts Community 

We partner with local Girl Scouts chapters and troops to host day-long wellness workshops focused on cancer prevention and how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Topics include sun safety, mental health, e-cigarettes and tobacco prevention, nutrition and physical activity, and HPV immunization.

Girl Scouts get to earn a badge (Eating for You – Cadettes or Women’s Health – Ambassadors & Seniors) for participating. This workshop is open to Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors, and the adult women in the Girl Scouts community.

    • Saturday, September 30, 2023, 10am-2pm | Seattle/Western Washington | Register Here!
    • Sunday, October 1, 2023, 12pm-4pm | Spokane/Eastern Washington | Register Here!

*Bring a friend with you! Refer another Girl Scout or friend and you’ll each receive a $15 Gift Card. Limit 1 gift card per registrant.*

Quit Tobacco

Quitting tobacco use is hard work. Wherever you’re at in the process – we’re here to support you!

We offer tobacco cessation workshops three (3) times per year using the American Lung Association’s Freedom From Smoking group program. This workshop is an 8-session, 7-week FREE curriculum that provides helpful tools, resources, and social support to help in making your quit attempt a success. Anyone (18+ years old) who uses a tobacco product (cigarette, vape/e-cig, chew/smokeless tobacco, pipes/cigars, etc.) is welcome to join!

Please visit for current dates and times. Workshops are offered in the winter (January/February), summer (May/June), and fall (September/October). If you’re interested in joining and we’re in between workshops, let us know and we’d be happy to send you resources and add you to the waitlist for the next one.

    • September 18 – October 30, 2023, each Monday from 12pm-1:30pm PST | Virtual, via Zoom | Register Here

  Special Initiatives 

| 2023-2024 |

C.H.A.M.P.S 2.0 – Get a Free Care Kit!

C.H.A.M.P.S 2.0 (Cultivating HPV Awareness and Mobilizing for Prevention and Screening) is our initiative designed to connect people living in rural communities to health services (e.g. HPV vaccination and cancer screening) and resources that support healthy living/cancer risk-reduction.

Interested in participating? Follow the steps below:

1. Look up your zip code to determine if you live in a rural community. The Rural Health Information Hub ‘Am I Rural?’ Tool can help*
*If you live in a metropolitan area in a rural county, you may still be eligible to participate in this project. If you have questions about eligibility, please email [email protected]. 

2. Fill out a quick, 5-minute survey HERE.

3. Between December 2023 and February 2024, you will receive your FREE Care Kit in the mail.

4. Participate in the follow-up opportunity found within your Care Kit.


| 2022-2023 |

Project C.H.A.M.P 

Project C.H.A.M.P (Cultivating HPV Awareness and Mobilizing for Prevention) is our initiative created to understand the level of knowledge and awareness that teens and adults living in rural communities have about human papillomavirus (HPV) and the HPV vaccine.

To implement our survey and educational campaign, we partnered with local schools, community organizations, and hospital facilities. The data collected from the surveys allowed us to better understand what the community needs so we can provide more targeted and useful resources.  

If you have any questions about this project or would like to get involved, please reach out to Lauren Bineau ([email protected]).

Contact Information

Lauren Bineau, Program Manager
[email protected]