An Extraordinary Life

For my eighth birthday I had a cupcake party. My best friends came over and we decorated and ate cupcakes. It was so much fun. I was in the second grade at Little Chico Creek and Mrs. Wren was my teacher. I was learning about multiplication and the solar system. I loved going to school! Read more about An Extraordinary Life[…]

It Isn’t a Battle That Can Be Lost

I have a grievance with the way society treats cancer. I have a grievance with the way cancer treats society. I have many grievances, but I have more hope than grievances. I do not remember the day – rather, days – my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, nor do I remember exactly the types of Read more about It Isn’t a Battle That Can Be Lost[…]

Waking from A Dream

Four months of empty memories have risen from the depths of my soul after all these years. As if I’m in a dream, I see this fuzzy-headed little girl skipping circles around me as she laughs and recalls story after story of being “sick.” I suddenly realized she was me, at six years old, weakened Read more about Waking from A Dream[…]