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Cancer Education for Teens

Attention Middle & High School Teachers!

Do you want free, narrated teen cancer prevention curriculum and supplemental materials? Contact us today to register for our free, teen cancer prevention online module!

Cancer Happens® is a cancer education and risk reduction program offered, free of charge, in middle and high school classrooms nationwide. Cancer Pathways has been offering this program since 2005 and has served more than 80,000 students in 101 schools. The goal of Cancer Happens® is to raise awareness about cancer risk reduction with the outcome of empowering teens to live healthy lifestyles that could potentially reduce their future cancer risk. Click here to learn more about the impact of Cancer Happens throughout Washington State

Cancer Happens® main course is a 50-minute presentation. The program is available in two formats: as an in-person presentation given by one of our health educators OR as an e-learning program on our website.  Additional activities are provided if teachers choose to expand on the lesson.

"The material presented was very relevant to the lives of our students; cancer is something teens don't think can happen to them. You definitely made an impact. They are already talking about what changes they can make."
- Health educator

The Cancer Happens® curriculum provides important cancer education for teens that they need and want to know. The program includes standards-based lesson plans, as well as a teacher guide designed to help navigate the online program and provide more information on ways to support your students. Some of the topics include understanding what cancer is and who gets it, cancers that impact teenagers, risk factors for cancer, healthy living and risk reduction, the importance of nutrition and exercise, and how to more effectively communicate with those you care about.

Click here to request information on booking a presentation or register for our e-learning modules. For more information, you can also contact Jana Mastrogiovanni or call 1-866-200-2383.




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